Kashomore MPA and MPA General Election 2013

Name of all elected Member of National Assembly of Pakistan and Member of Provincial Assembly of Sindh. Kashomore district dont have any complete seatof National Assembly and 2 seats of Sindh Assembly .Complete detail of all M.N.A and M.P.A list of Kashomore district elected in general election 2013 . Current M.N.A and M.P.A from Kashomore district in general Election 2013.



MPA of Kashomore District General Election 2013

Constituency No.

MPA Name



Sardar Ghulam Abid Khan



Haji Abdul Rauf Khan Khosa


Sardar Ghulam Abid Khan and Haji Abdul Rauf Khan Khosa are current member of Sindh provincial assembly 2013 to 2018 from Kashomore district. .Kashomore district complete MNA and MPA of Assembly of Sindh and National Assembly of Pakistan .

MNA & MPA of Kashomore General Election 2008