Chagai MPA and MPA General Election 2008

Name of all elected Member of National Assembly of Pakistan and Member of Provincial Assembly of Balochistan. Chagai district have 1 seat of National Assembly with Quetta and Naushki district and Chagai have 2 seats of Balochistan Assembly .Complete detail of all M.N.A and M.P.A list of Chagai district elected in general election 2008 . Sardar Alhaaj Muhammad Umar Goragaje was MNA from Chagai cum Nushki cum Quetta districts in general Election .


MNA of Chagai District Election 2008

Constituency No

MNA Name



Sardar Al-Haaj Muhammad Umar Goragaje



MPA of Chagai District General Election 2008

Constituency No.

MPA Name



Mir Amanullah



Muhammad Rahim


Mir Amanullah Notezai and Muhammad Raheem were member of Balochistan provincial assembly 2008 to 2013 from Chagai district. Chagai district complete MNA and MPA of Assembly of Balochistan and National Assembly of Pakistan .

MNA & MPA of Chagai General Election 2013
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