Information about Lahore High Court

The Lahore High Court of Pakistan was established under the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Lahore High Court is the highest judicial institution of Punjab. LHC located in Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province. The High Court of Lahore have its benches in Bahawalpur, Multan and Rawalpindi. The Lahore Highcourt is currently composed fourteen judges including the Chief Justice of LHC. The chief justice is the chief judge of the Lahore High Court. Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmad Khan is the current chief Justice of LHC Lahore. The LHC is performing its basic functions of enforcement of fundamental rights along with fair and just adjudication of public and private litigation. Lahore High Court is located at Shahra e Quaid e Azam, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Honourable Judges of LHC Pakistan

No. Name
01. Mr. Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmad Khan (Chief Justice)
02. Mr. Justice Shujaat Ali Khan
03. Mr. Justice Ali Baqar Najafi
04. Mr. Justice Shahid Bilal Hassan
05. Ms. Justice Aaliya Neelam
06. Mr. Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh
07. Mr. Justice Sadaqat Ali Khan
08. Mr. Justice Shams Mahmood Mirza
09. Mr. Justice Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi
10. Mr. Justice Faisal Zaman Khan
11. Mr. Justice Masud Abid Naqvi
12. Mr. Justice Shahid Karim
13. Mr. Justice Mirza Viqas Rauf
14. Mr. Justice Chaudhary Muhammad Iqbal
15. Mr. Justice Shehram Sarwar Chaudhary
16. Mr. Justice Muhammad Sajid Mehmood Sethi
17. Mr. Justice Sardar Muhammad Sarfraz Dogar
18. Mr. Justice Asjad Javaid Ghural
19. Mr. Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh
20. Mr. Justice Jawad Hassan
21. Mr. Justice Muzammil Akhtar Shabbir
22. Mr. Justice Chaudhary Abdul Aziz
23. Mr. Justice Anwaar Ul Haq Pannun
24. Mr. Justice Farooq Haider
25. Mr. Justice Muhammad Waheed Khan
26. Mr. Justice Rasaal Hasan Syed
27. Mr. Justice Asim Hafeez
28. Mr. Justice Sadiq Mahmud Khurram
29. Mr. Justice Shakil Ahmad
30. Mr. Justice Ahmad Nadeem Arshad
31. Mr. Justice Muhammad Tariq Nadim
32. Mr. Justice Muhammad Amjad Rafiq
33. Mr. Justice Abid Hussain Chathha
34. Mr. Justice Anwaar Hussain
35. Mr. Justice Ali Zia Bajwa
36. Mr. Justice Sultan Tanvir Ahmad
37. Mr. Justice Muhammad Raza Qureshi
38. Mr. Justice Muhammad Raheel Kamran Sheikh

Information about Judges Lahore High Court LHC

Justice Malik Shahzad Ahmad Khan, Justice Shujaat Ali Khan, Justice Ali Baqar Najafi, Justice Shahid Bilal Hassan, Justice Aaliya Neelam, Justice Abid Aziz Sheikh, Justice Sadaqat Ali Khan, Justice Shams Mahmood Mirza, Justice Syed Shahbaz Ali Rizvi,  Justice Faisal Zaman Khan, Justice Masud Abid Naqvi, Justice Shahid Karim, Justice Mirza Viqas Rauf, Justice Chaudhary Muhammad Iqbal, Justice Shehram Sarwar Chaudhary, Justice Muhammad Sajid Mehmood Sethi, Justice Sardar Muhammad Sarfraz Dogar, Justice Asjad Javaid Ghural, Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh, Justice Jawad Hassan, Justice Muzammil Akhtar Shabbir, Justice Chaudhary Abdul Aziz, Justice Anwaar Ul Haq Pannun, Justice Farooq Haider, Justice Muhammad Waheed Khan, Justice Rasaal Hassan Syed, Justice Asim Hafeez, Justice Sadiq Mahmood Khurram, Justice Shakil Ahmed, Justice Ahmad Nadeem Arshad, Justice Muhammad Tariq Nadim, Justice Muhammad Amjad Rafiq, Justice Abid Hussain Chathha, Justice Anwaar Hussain, Justice Ali Zia Bajwa, Justice Sultan Tanvir Ahmad, Justice Muhammad Raza Qureshi and Justice Muhammad Raheel Kamran Sheikh are current Judges of Lahore High court of Punjab.